List of GF breweries

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The following list of breweries are focused on making gluten-free beer (versus "mixed-use" breweries that primarily brew gluten-containing beers with a gluten free offering or two). For the most part these are dedicated gluten free facilities with no risk of gluten cross contamination.

See also: maintains an extensive list of gluten free beer brands in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. (Note the site also includes gluten reduced beers, with clear indication of which category they fall into).

Brewery Name Country State/Prov Year Opened Map
Alt Brew USA WI 2016 Taproom
Aurochs Brewing USA PA 2012 Taproom
Beliveau Farm USA VA 2019 Taproom
Bierly Brewing USA OR 2016 Taproom
Buck Wild USA CA Taproom
Burning Brothers Brewing USA MN 2014 Taproom
Cold Crash Brewing USA WA 2020 Taproom
Dark Hills USA MO 2017 Taproom
Divine Science Brewing USA CA 2019
Dos Luces USA CO 2018 Taproom
Eckert USA CA 2012 Taproom
Evasion Brewing USA OR 2018 Taproom
Ghostfish Brewing USA WA 2015 Taproom
Glutenberg Canada QC 2011
Ground Breaker Brewing USA OR 2011 Taproom
Heathens Brewing Canada AB 2019 Taproom
Holidaily Brewing USA CO 2016 Taproom
Moonshrimp Brewing USA OR 2016 Taproom
Mutantis Brewery and Bottleshop USA OR 2020
NEFF Brewery USA OK 2018 Taproom
O'Brien Brewing Australia Vic 2005
Otherwise Brewing USA CA 2020
Red Leaf USA VT Taproom
Rolling Mill Brewing USA OH 2017 Taproom
Two Bays Brewing Australia Vic 2018 Taproom