History and Context

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Traditional / non-Western gluten-free brewing

  • Sorghum
  • Maize

For more information see Traditional Gluten-Free Beers

GF Beer within conventional Western brewing

First commercial gluten free beers appeared ...

Craft gluten free malt houses

Grouse Malt House - Dedicated Gluten Free malt house in Wellington, CO. Produces malted millet, buckwheat, corn, oats and quinoa. https://grousemalthouse.com

Eckert Malting - Dedicated Gluten Free malt house in Chico, CA. Produces malted rice. https://eckertmaltingandbrewing.com

GF homebrewing evolution

Commercial Gluten Free Brewing and Breweries

Dedicated vs Non-Dedicated

Dedicated gluten free breweries do not brew any gluten (i.e. barley) containing beers on premises -- there is no shared milling, brewing or packaging equipment. Yeast is gluten-free media only (not propagated using gluten containing material).